How my love for cloud came about

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The Beginning

Last year, I was first introduced to the concept of cloud computing. I was a 1st-year cybersecurity student with a strong interest in cybersecurity and development. However, when I saw an email from my school on training to represent the school in a cloud computing competition, I thought “Why the heck not” and signed up for it even though I hadn’t the faintest idea what cloud computing was like.

I was introduced to an AWS Cloud Architecting course from AWS Academy themselves. It was filled with lecture videos and practical lab sessions that were to be self-studied. …

About AMIs and how to create your own

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Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) help speed up the process of setting up EC2 instances by providing a packaged environment containing software configuration and other information required to start an EC2 instance.

Treat AMIs like a template, which contains the operating system, application server and any additional dependencies or application that is a part of it.

When setting up an EC2 instance, you have to choose an AMI. When you launch your first EC2 instance, you will probably use default AWS AMIs or community AMIs, but you can save you own as well.

An AMI contains one or more EBS snapshots, which is a template for the instance’s root device volume, launch permissions that control which AWS accounts can you the AMI to set up instances, as well as block devices that specify the root device volume to attach to the EC2 once it is…

Launching EC2 Instances On-Demand Using The AWS Management Console, AWS CLI and AWS SDK

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If you are new to Amazon Web Services, this simple guide will be a great tool to help you learn how to launch EC2 instances into the cloud. EC2 instances are probably one of the most common and most used services in the AWS Cloud. EC2 instances are virtual machines and servers which customers can easily request and provision in the cloud.

There are many OS that can be used, such as Ubuntu, Windows, Linux and more. Instances also come in many types, with differing prices, compute power, RAM, processors and other options in order to best suit your needs.

You can use EC2 instances to host websites, web applications, applications, services and pretty much anything that needs computing power. …

Here’s How It Works

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Image from AWS Blogs

About a week ago AWS introduced FIFO topics for Amazon SNS. FIFO helps preserve message order and ensures there is no duplicate message delivery to SNS subscribers.

Amazon Simple Notification Service is used as a pub/sub messaging system, where a message is published to a topic and delivered to all subscribers of that topic. SNS allows message delivery to a large number of subscribers, who can each set filter policies to only receive messages relevant to them.

You can use topics to fan-out messages to multiple queues or applications to help decouple microservices and create distributed systems or serverless applications.

With SNS FIFO, message ordering and deduplication can be achieved. …

Cold Hard Truths To Help You Be Better

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Have you ever looked at a couple and wondered, “Why can’t I be like them?”. Nowadays, seemingly everyone we know is in a relationship. This is especially true if you are around my age, where teenage hormones are raging and everyone around you from your friends to your classmates to the nerdy guy in school are all getting a significant other. If you are older, you may have been pressured by your parents or relatives to find a partner and settle down as well.

So why are you single?

Before I start, don’t sweat it if you are single. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, some people just choose not to get together. However, on the off chance that it may be you that is making you single, read on to find out 6reasons why that may be the case. Take note, not all of these reasons are bad, and some of them are actually pretty good! …

How to start using this powerful command-line tool for your AWS needs

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Not a fan of the AWS Management Console? Maybe it’s too much of a pain to click through the set-up wizard 10 times just to launch 10 EC2 instances. Well, AWS CLI is just the tool for you.

AWS CLI is a tool which allows you to manage and monitor your AWS services from a terminal session in your client. The benefit of AWS CLI is that you can run automation scripts or shells to easily provision resources. AWS CLI also provides direct access to AWS Service APIs and extended functionality for your needs.

AWS CLI is easy to install and configure for use. It helps you save time by allowing you to just open a terminal session and complete tasks like getting the contents of an S3 bucket or create EC2 instances instead of having to log into the AWS Management Console and click through many tabs. AWS CLI also gives you the ability to automate entire processes and deployments through scripts, which make it easy to automate your cloud infrastructure. AWS CLI also provides support for all the AWS services from one simple tool. …

What we all want to achieve

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Most of us live our lives trying to figure out how to be happy. We play games, meet friends, go for a drink or just simply read a book in order to search for happiness.

Happiness is not only good for yourself but your relationships as well. When you are happy, the people around you naturally draw on your positive energy, which helps perk them up as well.

Some of the most common downfalls of humans these days are depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness and other bad stuff. We all want to be happy, but how do we achieve that?

Luckily, it is not as hard as you think. In this article, I will share with you five easy ways to make yourself happy by treating yourselves right and treating others right. I will keep it nice and short, concise and to the point. Let’s go! …

How you can look out for them and what you can do about it

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I am sure you have met a toxic person at least once in your life so far. Even if you are fortunate enough to not meet one yet, you are bound to come across one of them at some point in your life. For all you know, you may be one of them too, unknowingly.

Everyone knows these people are very difficult and draining to deal with. It can challenge your mental fortitude and push you to the absolute limit of your tolerance. These toxic people like causing endless conflict and making others feel bad about themselves.

Most of us already know to get rid of toxic people in our lives if we want to be happy and successful. However, do you really know who is toxic and who isn’t? Some toxic people in your life may be hidden in your circle of friends. Use these common traits to identify those in your life that might be toxic. …

How To Save A Dying Conversation That Is Slowly Fizzing Out

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Human beings love socialising. We love meeting someone new and start a conversation with them. We share pleasant smiles, drinks or a meal, and get to know each other better. Imagine meeting someone new and striking up a conversation with them, things are going great and you guys are pretty much friends now.

All of a sudden, the dreaded awkward silence creeps into your conversation, slowly killing it. Now you both don’t know what to say and the connection established is at risk, all thanks to that darned awkward silence.

When the conversation looks bleak and you seem to have run out of things to say, use these questions to help save your conversation and keep it going. If you want to know someone more deeply, these are your tools, use them! …

Everyone Deserves To Have A Happy Life

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Happiness is something everyone deserves and wants, but not everyone has. Happiness is often seen as the meaning and purpose of life and the point of our existence. Despite this, many of us are plagued with sadness and persistent negative emotions like stress and anxiety instead of feeling happy.

How can we be happier every day? How can we finally live the life we want to? How can we be happy and enjoy the life that we have been given? Here are 10 simple ways to discover the secrets to your happiness and live happier.

1. Focus on the positive things

To find happiness and stay happy, it is very important to train your brain to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. If you only spend all day thinking about what’s bad, you won’t be able to enjoy the good and be happy. Some ways you can do this is to recite a positive mantra to yourself every day, or when things start feeling negative. Use this simple phrase or sentence to remind yourself to focus on what you have. Some examples include, “Today is great!”, “I am grateful for what I have”. …


Lee Yi Terng

Cybersecurity student interested in all things technology and self-improvement. I love learning new things and sharing them with the world.

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