How my love for cloud came about

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The Beginning

Last year, I was first introduced to the concept of cloud computing. I was a 1st-year cybersecurity student with a strong interest in cybersecurity and development. However, when I saw an email from my school on training to represent the school in a cloud computing competition, I thought “Why the heck not” and signed up for it even though I hadn’t the faintest idea what cloud computing was like.

Part 2: Services

Serverless Services on AWS

Last Updated: 5th April 2021


Compute services allows…

Simple Serverless Architecture on AWS for Web Backend

Last Updated: 31st March 2021

AWS Identity and Access Management

Last Updated: 28th March 2021

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About a week ago, I took and passed my AWS Sysops Administrator Associate exam, which was my second AWS certification, the first being Architect Associate. This a short recap on what I did and how I achieved the certification in hopes of helping people who want to take it themselves in the future.


I took this certification after about 3 weeks of preparation and a few resources here and there. The materials I used are listed below and they helped me out so much in passing the exam:

  1. A Cloud Guru Sysops Course here
  2. Official study guide for the exam…

AWS Cloudshell from AWS News Blog

While exploring my passion and interest for cloud computing, I have tried and learnt AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. I started off on AWS and learnt how to use the AWS Management Console and AWS CLI. However, when I went to learn Azure and GCP, I realised a very glaring feature that AWS lacked. Azure and GCP each had their respective Cloud Shells, which were very useful. GCP had a cloud shell since its birth if I am not mistaken. …

About AMIs and how to create your own

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) help speed up the process of setting up EC2 instances by providing a packaged environment containing software configuration and other information required to start an EC2 instance.

Launching EC2 Instances On-Demand Using The AWS Management Console, AWS CLI and AWS SDK

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If you are new to Amazon Web Services, this simple guide will be a great tool to help you learn how to launch EC2 instances into the cloud. EC2 instances are probably one of the most common and most used services in the AWS Cloud. EC2 instances are virtual machines and servers which customers can easily request and provision in the cloud.

Here’s How It Works

Image from AWS Blogs

About a week ago AWS introduced FIFO topics for Amazon SNS. FIFO helps preserve message order and ensures there is no duplicate message delivery to SNS subscribers.

Cold Hard Truths To Help You Be Better

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Have you ever looked at a couple and wondered, “Why can’t I be like them?”. Nowadays, seemingly everyone we know is in a relationship. This is especially true if you are around my age, where teenage hormones are raging and everyone around you from your friends to your classmates to the nerdy guy in school are all getting a significant other. If you are older, you may have been pressured by your parents or relatives to find a partner and settle down as well.

Lee Yi Terng

Cybersecurity student interested in all things technology and self-improvement. I love learning new things and sharing them with the world.

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